Two-Tone Rolex Perpetual

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For the effortlessly chic, but never self-serious girl—this two-tone Rolex paired with a cheeky leather strap will take you from day to night. This watch is an automatic Oyster Perpetual, which was Rolex’s innovative new movement that really discerned them in the early watch market. ‘Oyster’ comes from Rolex’s first groundbreaking waterproof watch in 1926, and ‘Perpetual’ comes from Rolex’s patented self-winding movement from 1931. However, only in 1945 did Rolex begin combining the two innovations to create the Oyster Perpetual.

Grand Central Watch advises that when you wear this watch, wind it a bit first to jump-start the automatic movement.

This watch will be serviced by Grand Central Watch, New York City’s most premier watch repair shop, to ensure your timepiece is restored to pristine condition and works perfectly. The watch is insured with a two-year guarantee. 


CIRCA: 1999

MATERIAL: Steel and 18k yellow gold


WRIST SIZE: 5.5 inch - 7 inch (a new custom strap purchase can be coordinated with Grand Central Watch)

MOVEMENT: Automatic

CONDITION: Great. Serviced and polished where necessary.